Finance & Lease Programs

Finance & Lease Programs

GroundFORCE can assist you in eliminating capital expenditures and work with you to enhance funding and procurement strategies, as well as offer leasing and financing solutions. GroundFORCE offers flexible financing options to assist you in procuring GroundFORCE through purchase, lease, or lease-to-own.

We will work with you to determine the best financing solution available to meet your needs. How you go about financing a building can be as important as the building itself. GroundFORCE provides several financing and leasing options to accomodate your needs.

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GroundForce Financing Options

At GroundFORCE, we understand that no two building projects are alike. So, we believe in working with you to build your ideal, customized solution that accommodates your budget requirements.

  • 12 to 60-month term options
  • No payments or deposits until your project is complete
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual payment options
  • Operating Lease: Make rental payments for a fixed lease term with the option to renew or return at the end-of-lease
  • Finance Lease: 100% financing with the option to acquire the building for a predetermined balloon payment at the end-of-lease
  • Tailored payment options to meet budgetary needs: deferred, skips, or step leases

All Inclusive Project Financing for GroundFORCE Buildings

Every construction project requires working with a long list of vendors and service providers. At GroundFORCE, we make it simple by rolling in all project related costs in to one single payment.

  • Installation
  • Site Work
  • Professional Services
  • Plumbing
  • Monthly Maintenance

Municipal Lease

This is a low interest financing alternative available to government and municipalities, schools, and some charter schools.

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The GroundFORCE Building Systems team is here to assist you. From complete semi-permanent building construction to structure leasing options, we are ready to find the perfect building solution for your next project.